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A Bright Future is Everybody’s Right

They also want to make their life better through education. These displaced people wish to do something in life and parents of the refugee children also want them to be able to read and write - to become a doctor, engineer, lawyer or pilot - to have a future. Given that refugee sites are crowded places and refugee camps are noisy during the day time, a poor child trying to read his book in dim light in the silent night questions himself why isn’t life fair enough to me?

With the highest number being 1.6 billion refugees in Pakistan, it is not easy to provide electricity facilities to all the displaced people with limited resources. It is furthermore difficult if the electricity is generated through hydroelectric power plants and country is already water-scarce. Sustainable water resources, techniques need to be implemented, but attention must also be paid to other available natural resources such as heat from the Sun.

Except for Antarctica, sun shines in all the major parts of the world all year round. Depending upon which part of the world it is, the sunlight hours are as low as 1000 hours per year to as high as 4000 hours per year. In countries like Pakistan and Africa, the sunshine hours are more than average. These are countries where there is water scarcity and a large number of refugees. They do not have a thirst for water as much as they have the thirst to make their life better through education. Some might have already given up over the dream as it seems to be far-fetched to them. The presence of renewable resource such as the sun is a blessing in itself. Through solar panels, solar light suppliers make it possible to convert heat energy from the sun into electrical energy that can be used in the form of solar light by the child who is longing to read a book.

There are organizations; however that strive to protect the rights of displaced people and also the dreams of these refugees. Global campaigns have already started in which different organizations join hands and together try to make the world a better place. An organization providing core-relief items remains in touch with solar light suppliers too and this way it is made possible to supply electricity to to even areas that are void of electricity plans and layouts. Solar lights have already reached to a billion of refugees,

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