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Going Toe To Toe to Manage the Refugee’s Shelter Woe


Shelters with different specifications and unique requirements can offer better results. The management of the dimensions of the shelter can produce better outcomes.

Some salient features to consider when designing shelters are as follows:

  • Entire living area
  • The entrance
  • Height and width
  • Space allocation
Refugee Tent Manufacturers

The fundamental reason for effective allocation is to provide maximum comfort to the occupants. In general the occupants use temporary shelters in the wake of a catastrophe.

Why adherence to standards is vital:

The UNCHR has specified different certain benchmarks to ensure that the produced shelter is customized and serve the prescribed purpose. Some shelters are ICRC certified while others are used for general purpose.

It is also important to recognize that this segmentation also offer optional functional features to the relief agencies. In this case the relief agencies can strictly comply with the instant needs of the occupants.

Some shelters have large window panes for ventilation. Fire resistance is also an important aspect of producing quality shelters.

Furthermore the capacity of a shelter to satisfy different segments of occupants is an important requirement. For example 6 adults would require a different type of shelter whereas a household of 4 including 2 infants would requisite a different shelter with customized specifications.

For different categories of certified shelters refugee tent manufacturers can supply aptly designed and good quality products.

Managing damage control:

The qualitative aspects determine the longevity of the product. In the case of shelters the functional capacity must be good. The reason is that the product is not time bound and it needs to offer sustainable functional value to the occupants.

Modern day shelters have exceeded all expectations. Additional design considerations are incorporated in order to synchronize the needs of the children.

Children are vulnerable to climate conditions and newly designed shelters can expand the benefit for the occupants.

Waterproofing is also an important element that must be outlined before producing the final product. What would hurt more when the manufactured product is of no real value for the user?

The stability of the performance is determined by the product’s reliability. How efficiently have you predicted the need of the global refuge needs?

The fitting suitability of products that can suit the needs of the displaced people is now at your disposal. The all out dexterity required to design multipurpose shelters for entertaining the diverse needs of the displaced people can now be provisioned by refugee tent manufacturers.

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