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Important Things To Consider Before Buying A Tent

Without telling you what tents are and why they are used! Let’s move straight to the main point of this article which emphasizes on the main things to consider before buying it.

Check the seam:-

While buying a temporary shelter pull it from both sides close to the stitches, if the stitches appear, don’t buy it because not only it reflects the compromised quality but it means that it is not water prove as well. Imagine yourself quitting you newly bought shelter at mid night due to rain so always go for a seam sealed one.

Suitable size:-

Always buy a shelter which is bigger in size than the number of persons who are going to fit in it. Now the question why comes to your mind. This is because there is luggage that needs to be fitted in then although refugee tent manufacturers make storage pockets on the side of the shelters but still most of the luggage is stored on the ground which decreases the inside space. Some elbow space should also be considered or maybe you or your friends are accompanied by their dogs. If you are with your family or kids this is the best formula for a shelter.

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All weather:-

Always go for all weather shelter to save your money from buying weather specific ones. Investing in one shelter that is all weather friendly may be a bit expensive but surely it will save you from a lot of fuss of buying two or three shelters. But before going for the expensive all weather shelter ask yourself do you really want it, do you really go far off in all seasons? If not then a specific weather shelter is good for you considering in which season you need it the most.

Multiple entries:-

Although a small factor but still a important one. If there are more than four or five persons inside then definitely one entry or exit point may be too less. Considering the number of people whether they are kids or adults one entry/exit point for five six people may be less. For a couple of people one entry/exit point is ideal.

Material and vent:-

One of the most important aspects is the material. Deny it? No you can’t! While buying ensure that it is made of water proof material, not only this the floor must also be water proof. Another thing to make sure that it should be snow proof as well.

Talking about the ventilation a roof ventilator is recommended not only for picturesque site of the stars in the night it also helps in circulation of air for those who feel a bit suffocated in closed spaces.

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Flapping and vibration:-

Refugee tent manufacturers advise that the shelter must be taut when it is erected. If not it will continuously disturb you with the flapping sounds and vibrations caused due to strong winds and breeze. Look for the outside loops on surface where you can attach additional guidelines to counter the flapping.

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