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What Are The Basic Necessities For Affected People At Refugee Shelters?

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Displaced and affected people in any part of the world deserve a living where they can feel secure and protected and where they can live with dignity no matter what natural or man-made disaster and conflict scenario has affected them.

Before setting up mass immigrant settlement facilities for displaced personnel who may be in large numbers, there are some prerequisites that need to be heeded to provide them with safe and peaceful logging. Those basics requirements are below,

Enough food:-

In any refugee shelter the people must be given enough food as they may have fled their houses in time of disaster with no or little food and it is also possible that they didn’t have food for the past few days before reaching safe grounds. So balanced diet needs to be provided.


Clean drinking water a basic necessity and must be provided at all costs to prevent different diseases like cholera, diarrhea, dysentery etc. from spreading. Also water must be provided to them for cleaning purposes like bathing, washing utensils and clothes, etc.

It must be made sure that there should be a water plant in reach of all the families living in the tents setup for them.

Clothes and quilts:-

It may happen that the weather is extreme and chances are that the affected people might not have enough clothes and quilts etc. to keep them safe from the severity of the weather as they may have escaped their area with no time to collect these things.

Temporary school for children:-

Children are the worst amongst the affected people so they must be given enough sources to continue their education. So a temporary school in the mass immigrant settlement facilities must be set up.

The authorities or the NGOs need to arrange teachers and schooling material for the children so that they come out of the trauma situation by continuing their studies and getting back to normal.

Special needs of females:-

We know that females do have some special requirement so those living in the refugee shelter must be provided with sanitary pads and napkins etc. so that they don’t feel any difficulty. Pregnant or new mothers must be given special diet so that they don’t lack in basic micronutrients that are extremely important in these times.

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