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Why The World Is Moving From Conventional Power To Solar Lighting?

Lunar power:-

Usage of lunar energy to lighten up human lives is not a new thing now. Lunar power is becoming a preferred choice of renewable and main source of energy amongst developed countries all over the world. With a trend of moving towards green, environmental friendly surroundings, tendency to save money and a wireless world lunar powered lighting seems to be the go to option.

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Let’s discuss of the advantages and disadvantages of lunar powered lighting.


No fuss of Wires:-

These illuminators don’t need to be wired as they are controlled individually with a photovoltaic panel and a rechargeable battery. The consumers now don’t have to worry about the burying or stringing the wires from one illuminator to the next one. Non wireless electric equipment is free of any fuss and they are also safe as compared to lighting solutions equipped with wires. Wireless equipment is easily available from any of the solar light suppliers. Aesthetically speaking lunar lighting has great advantages.

Packaged sets:-

These illuminators come in the package sets which include LED bulbs, rechargeable battery, photo-voltaic panel and other parts which make the setting or installing of these illuminators very easy and convenient. Most cases allow the consumer to install the illuminators by himself without having to pay anything to the electrician.

Solar Light Suppliers

Zero maintenance:-

These illuminators don’t demand any periodical care and maintenance because they are auto rechargeable. Lunar powered LED illuminator’s average life tenure is ten times more than a conventional bulb and the batteries also recharge themselves even after years. The only maintenance that could be needed is the cleaning of the panel to make sure it isn’t affected by dust.

No electricity cost:-

The energy from the sun is absolutely free for everyone. Usage of these illuminators doesn’t affect your pocket once you buy them. As they use the power of sun for their working so the consumer’s electricity bill is almost nil.

Easy installation:-

These illuminators can be installed with extreme ease. The installation process doesn’t need any professional. Installation of these illuminators only demand minor assembly which can be done by anyone because no wiring process or electrical work is needed.


What if there isn’t enough sun exposure:-

As the batteries depend fully on the lunar power so a few days of no sun exposure like storms and overcast conditions can affect the end result badly. The illuminators may not be affective in areas which are continuously under the shades.

Expensive initial costs:-

It is a well-known fact that these illuminators don’t cost much in terms of maintenance but you have to pay a large amount to the solar light suppliers when you buy this system for the first time. Shifting from conventional power solutions to lunar powered lighting may take a lot of investment which may be un affordable for some.

But once you take the step of shifting it can pay back quickly.

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